Reality vs Media perception on how the economy affects car ownership

No matter what the economy is doing most people still need wheels DC plus a car to get around in. If you look around you will see just as many cars on the road today as it was in a booming economy if not more. So, is what the media portrays actually reality or is it just emotionally stimulating entertainment that we take on as reality.

To the lower income class it may be more of a reality than others but everyday you still hear stories of people who turned their life around in a down economy and go from riding the bus to driving a luxury sports car. Does the media’s portrayal of economic crisis impact the type of car you are driving now? Some might say those laid off from the job cuts at the auto manufacturing plants would be a significant life altering experience, which may be true but we still have to find some way to get around town and usually if one has enough drive, no pun intended, they will still find away to own a car and be mobile. It’s mandatory in this fast paced global economy where time is money.

Let’s not forgot about the rarely spoken of group. That’s the 5% who don’t watch television or pay any attention to the media, especially the news. You may be one of the 5%. How is that group’s reality impacted by the bombardment of negative news about the economy affect their reality and mindset towards the type of car they drive? I’m sure they would say it doesn’t affect them at all because they are not even aware of what’s being said. Usually this group is part of the elite that drive high-end luxury cars because they are so focused on achieving theirs goals that they don’t have time to listen to what someone is saying about what they can achieve or not. One might say that ultimately the financial impact of the economy and your ability to get the wheels in DC you drive is purely up to you, but only if you put yourself in the drivers seat.

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