Quick Disconnect Fitting for a Wide Range of Applications

Couplers for quick disconnect are designed for ease of use while still guarding against leaks and allowing for maximum system flow during operation. They typically follow the ISO A and B standards for interchangeability and include couplings for wet lines and high-pressure disconnects.

Relevant Industries for Hydraulic Disconnect Fittings

ISO A and B couplings are typical in such applications as construction equipment, steel mills, forestry service, mobile equipment, data management, and agriculture.

Wherever quick and reliable fluid connection is a necessity, such as mining operations, rescue equipment, offshore rigs, or hydraulic jacks or rams, fast-disconnect couplings are critical solutions.

Quick Disconnect Types

Made according to various manufacturing processes, including stamping, machining, grinding, wire EDM and plastic injection molding, an impressive line of hydraulic disconnect fittings based on ISO certified systems are available, including designs for extremely high pressures, heavy-duty fittings for connecting under pressure and non-spill, flush-face designs.

The multiple manufacturing disciplines, manufacturing, and testing also lend themselves to custom designs for fluid transfer systems at OEMs.
Find the Right Quick Disconnect Fittings with a Custom Fluid Transfer Specialist

In-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities along with collaborative design, assembly, and testing make a fluid transfer specialist the first stop in finding the correct solution in terms of existing hydraulic disconnect fittings or custom and proprietary designs from scratch or based on existing pieces.

Custom designs also allow for the creative use of materials, including brass, steel or stainless steel, or custom finishes for various specific applications and quantities.

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