Questions To Ask When Looking For A Doberman Breeder

If you are looking for a new Doberman Pinscher puppy, you know you want to find a reputable breeder that most appropriately cares for animals and ensures that you will end up with the right quality of bloodline that you are looking for. There are many Doberman breeders in San Jose, CA and following are a few things that you should learn about each one before you even ask about a specific litter or puppy that can help you make your selection.

One of the first things you should ask any of the Doberman breeders in San Jose, CA is how long they have been breeding Dobermans. Experience really does count. The more years of experience someone has, the more you can trust they truly understand the breed, quality lines, traits and health concerns. You do not want a breeder that switches to a new breed of dog every few years just because it is the latest and most popular breed. You want someone who truly knows Dobermans.

Next you should ascertain how many adult dogs a breeder has at the moment and how they came to have each one. There should be clear reasons why a breeder chooses each of their adults, male or female, and those reasons can tell you a lot about the breeder and the quality of dog that they look for-and if it matches what you are looking for. Have a discussion about the characteristics of the dogs they have and you will quickly learn how truly knowledgeable a particlar breeder is about things unique to Dobermans.

You should also ask each of the Doberman breeders in San Jose, CA about their ranch or environment in which they keep the dogs. Ideally they should have a website where you can see pictures or they should be able to email them to you. Be sure to ask about their sleeping, eating and play areas and also about any interaction they have with other dogs or people. Ensuring that the dogs are healthy is a big concern in the breeding world. Make sure to find out how a breeder cares for the health of the dogs. Do they conduct any specific health tests or screenings regularly? What veterinarian do they utilize? You could even call the vet’s office to get a recommendation as a good way to learn more about the Doberman breeders in San Jose, CA.

Finally, you should ask what could likely be the most important question—why they breed Dobermans at all. Ideally, you will find a breeder with the right motivation and philosophy and know that you have found a good match in selecting your new puppy.

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