Questions to Ask a Fence Company Working Up an Estimate in North Little Rock

While you can save money installing a fence yourself, the time you spend on the project could last the better part of a summer. A company that provides professional fencing products and services can often complete these jobs in a matter of hours. Installing a fence is a project that is often left to the professionals. When the estimator arrives from a fence company, it is important to ask certain questions before the individual leaves or comes up with a bid on the job.

Is the company willing to pull one or more permits? This involves the process of asking for permission from a local government entity to perform the work, and obtaining approval after the work has been inspected. The cost of pulling a permit should be included in the bid price.

Underground Utility Lines
Is the fence company contractor willing to contact the utility locator to identify any underground utility line locations? Raise the issue of easements or other hindrances if the estimator does not bring up the issue. Experienced fencing companies will have a keen knowledge of local zoning requirements and setback regulations involving fence construction.

Stepped Fencing
Is the fence designed in a contoured fashion running close to the ground or will it be stepped, resulting in triangular spaces under the fence? The latter could cause a problem for pets.

Grading and Slopes
How does the company planned to handle the slope if there is a sloped lot (grading) to address?

Varying Fence Height
Over the span of its run, will the height of the fence vary? Although you may have agreement on a 6-foot high fence, the height could vary according to the grade.

Cost of Gates and Hardware
Within the quote, are hardware and any gates included? If not, what is the added cost of these accessories and items?

Timeline for Project Completion
What is the fence company specifying as its timeline for completion? During the spring and summer, due to the fact that companies are quite busy and often backlogged, it may take a number of weeks or longer for them to get to your project. Find out the company’s process once they begin the project. Will it be done little by little piece-meal or continually with a crew large enough in size to complete the work promptly?

Warranties Offered
What type of warranty is the company offering? Do they offer a warranty on material and labor, or only one? A preferable warranty will cover the entire cost for the company to come out and repair any defects in the fence and its installation.

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