Questions Professional Well Drilling Toms River NJ Contractors Need to Ask You

Water is an increasingly expensive, at times scarce, commodity for irrigating lawns. Homeowners, who have installed landscaping that requires regular watering to survive, might be interested in alternatives apart from letting their investment wilt away or use illegal watering methods. However, professional well drilling contractors in Toms River, NJ may have the answer to this problem; drilling a private irrigation well.

Drilling an irrigation well is a popular option for homeowners who have invested significantly in their landscapes. The installation of the well is at first costly ($4,000 to $10,000) but these costs can be recovered in a short time in water bills. However, here are some critical questions that a professional Well Drilling Toms River NJ contractor should ask you, town officials and themselves before starting an irrigation well project:

Is the project feasible?

Since the equipment required for well drilling is heavy and big, you need to see whether it can get in and out of your property without causing damage. It should also be easy to access the area where you want the well drilled.

Will the project get approval from the town?

The well drilling firm should have the necessary experience and knowledge on the town’s policies on drilling wells and in particular your neighborhood.

Is the proposed well’s location too far from the house?

Apart from the drilling of the well, other costs need to be factored in, including the digging of trenches for electrical wiring. These costs are likely to get higher the further you get from the source of electricity.

Do you plan any future renovations?

This should help you think of 5 to 10 years down the road. Remember, once the well is installed, it cannot be moved so any future renovations have to be considered with this fact in mind.

Are you prepared for the disruption?

Well drilling can be an ugly sight. This messy job can cause loud noises and disruptions to your everyday life. A professional can make the process tolerable by containing the equipment getting in and out of the property, managing the installation progression and containing debris.

To ensure that you get the best out of the project it is vital to have an open discussion with the professional well drilling contractor and make sure you understand the process thoroughly. This will help avoid coming across nasty surprises in future.


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