Quality Mini Implants in Lexington, Kentucky

Having a beautiful smile is a great feature for anyone to have no matter how young or old that they are. Everyone knows that they key to a beautiful and attractive smile is all in the teeth, and in having a full set of beautiful, straight and white teeth. A smile is essential to your overall physical appearance, a beautiful smile can open doors, help you make a great first impression and even help you meet other people. However there are some things that can ruin your smile and distract others from your appearance. One such thing that can ruin a smile is missing teeth. Unfortunately, many people are missing teeth, and not just older people, many young people find themselves without a full set of teeth as well.

There are an abundance of reasons as to why an individual may be missing some of their teeth. Disease, tooth decay and even injuries can cause anyone to loose some of their teeth and when teeth are noticeably missing, your smile can be ruined. No matter what the reason for your teeth being missing, having missing teeth can make anyone feel self conscious and make them nervous to even open their mouth to smile or talk. When you first meet a new person, you do not want the only thing people remember about you to be your missing teeth, you want them to remember you. Fortunately, for individuals who have missing teeth and want to regain their confidence with a permanent solution, there are mini dental implants, also known as mini implants, that they can have done to replace the teeth they are missing in their mouths.

Mini implants are very popular in people of all ages and most importantly they can greatly improve the appearance and the smile of any individual who has missing teeth. A great feature of mini implants is that they are much stronger than bridges or dentures, and they are deal for individuals that are just missing one tooth or a few teeth. Since mini implants are permanent and long lasting you wont have to worry about things like daily cleaning as you do with dentures. With mini implants the new tooth implant is actually integrated into your jaw with a small permanent screw. The amazing thing about these implants is that over time, the implant actually naturally bonds with your mouth. The best thing about this procedure is that it is quick and simple and with the right dentist it is also painless.

Finding the right dentist for this procedure is essential so you will want to find a dentist that not only provides dental implants but general dentistry services as well. This is important because it means your dentist can continue to take care of your teeth after the implant has been installed. For individuals interested in mini implants and who live in or around the Lexington, Kentucky area, there is doctor Charles I. Emrich, of Charles I. Emrich and Associated P.S.C. He is an expert at mini implants and has been providing them to area customers for years.

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