Put Pregnancy on Hold Until You Are Settled in Your San Francisco Life

Pregnancy and childbirth have a limited window of opportunity. While most men can father children all their lives, most women have twenty or so years to conceive, give birth, and raise children before they can’t. Yet in this modern age, it simply isn’t always the best timing for young women who have ambitious pursuits. When you want to pursue your education and your career before having children, you may miss out unless you choose egg freezing from San Francisco, CA fertility specialists.

Freezing Eggs vs. Freezing Embryos

Freezing your eggs gives you more time to find a partner and create a stable, healthy relationship. It allows you all the time you need to get to the point where you feel you are ready to conceive and you have found the right sperm donor or male partner for the job. Egg freezing in San Francisco, CA has many more benefits over embryo freezing.

Choosing When to Fertilize and Implant, and When to Let Go

You have a decade or more to use your frozen eggs. If you choose not to have children ever, you can decide to have your eggs thawed and destroyed or donated to other couples who need help conceiving. You may also choose to fertilize your eggs, wait for the embryo formation, and then flash-freeze the embryos until you are ready.

There’s a lot to consider here, but what most young women choose to do is to utilize these services. If you want to know more, contact Laurel Fertility Care- Oakland via www.laurelfertility.com.

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