Puppy Training Chicago School Gives Dogs a Great Start in Life

Puppy Training Chicago School Gives Dogs a Great Start in LifeMany people now adopt rescue dogs from their local shelter. This is truly wonderful and they should be commended for their big hearts. However, sometimes the dogs they adopt have not been properly trained. If their dogs are still young, they are perfect candidates for a Puppy Training Chicago school. This innovative program lasts two weeks and is often called a Boot Camp program. The dogs are boarded at the school, where they receive intensive (but kind) training. During first week owners are not allowed to visit. This restriction permits the trainer and dog to form a bond and focus on core obedience skills. During the second week, the owner is encouraged to visit as often as possible. That’s when the owners can learn how to handle their dog properly.

Dog Obedience Training lets a dog live the best life possible. Because they are well-behaved they can go many places with their owner. Other dog owners are pleased to have the dog attend play dates. If the two-week Boot Camp program is too long for a dog owner to be away from their dog, they can opt for private classes. Many trainers hold these in the dog’s home. This is a great way for owners to learn to discipline the dog in their own environment. Children are also welcome to participate. Once a dog has completed their Puppy Training Chicago program, they can move on to other types of specialized training.

A particularly loving dog might become a therapy dog that works with dementia patients. Even patients with severe Alzheimer’s Disease can recognize and respond to a dog. There are many stories of withdrawn or sad patients who have felt the joy of being with a dog. Care givers report that dementia patients become less agitated after a dog has visited. If the patient has some degree of mobility, they may be able to play catch with the dog or even go for a supervised walk. The brightened mood and additional exercise are often accompanied with an increased patient appetite. Some dogs prefer to work with one patient at a time. Other dogs love a group setting. Regardless of the work style, there is always a playful excitement when a dog visits a nursing home. The residents truly enjoy it.

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