Protecting Your Property

Living in a wet property is miserable. Part of your home becomes unliveable because it gets wet when it rains. Cleaning up and dealing with the results such as mould, mildew and corroding construction materials is expensive, tiring and exhausting. This is inconvenient. It decreases the value of your home and causes you problems when you try to sell it. There’re health hazards associated with a wet basement.

Water Invasion
Your home is your largest investment and you’ve to protect it. Good home maintenance requires keeping positive drainage around the home so that water flows away from the building rather than soaking in; and making sure your gutters are in good working condition. Unfortunately, even with all these precautions, homes can still leak. When it rains or snow melts, water soaks into the soil and finds gravel veins which direct it towards your home; this is known as capillary action. It can cause water to rise in the water table, forcing it to through the floor; this is known as hydrostatic pressure.

Water can saturate the soil adjacent to the foundation wall; this is the area excavated during construction. The soil never packs as it was before which allows easy passage for water. Block and port walls are susceptible to this water intrusion.

Choosing A Remedy
When choosing a system to protect your home, there‘re a few questions to ask. Does it lower the water table leaving a dry floor? Does it drain the walls? Does the system keep soil gasses from free flowing into the living area, causing mould and radon levels? Most systems will not solve these problems.

The Remedy
The external excavation system is one of the most effective of basement waterproofing systems in Eastbourne. It involves digging an external trench below the footer. The digging extends around the footer until it’s drained of water. When it’s dry, a liquid plastic is applied to the exterior wall and left to dry and harden. It keeps the water from soaking through the wall. A gravel perforated pipe is laid into the trench; it keeps the water from coming up through the ground. Once the perforated pipe is laid, it’s covered up by gravel. That will take care of the cross base. It’ll prevent water and moisture from entering through the over-footing, under-footing, water cracks, mortar joints or floor cracks.

Whether you want to basement water-proofing services or tanking and external systems, get in touch with Cavitytech Systems Ltd.


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