Protecting Your Family with the Help of a Child Visitation Attorney in Summerlin, NV

Divorce can be difficult to go through, especially when there are children involved. It can be difficult to navigate custody when things are volatile between you and your former spouse so it is always best to hire a child visitation attorney.

What Is in the Child’s Best Interest?

When hiring a child visitation attorney in Summerlin, NV, he or she will help walk you through the court proceedings and all custody laws. When determining child visitation rights, the best interest of the child is the single most important factor.

First, judges will look at the child’s personality. How is his or her mental health? What is his or her age and gender? Additionally, they will take into account the child’s preferences and safety. They will also look into you as the parent. In order to establish custody or visitation rights, it needs to be deemed that the parents are mature, healthy, emotionally stable enough for the child, respectful of the other parent, and financially stable enough to care for the child. All of these play a role and your child visitation attorney can help you evaluate your situation to get the best results out of court.

How Is Child Visitation Established?

Child visitation can be established in one of two ways: the parents will decide or the court will decide. If parents can reach an agreement and can accommodate both parents’ schedules, then the agreement process is simple. If the parents cannot amicably agree, the courts will decide after looking thoroughly into the child’s interests as well as the parents’ backgrounds. This may be less ideal because the judge doesn’t know the parents personally and so the visitation rights may not work in either parent’s favor. If you’re struggling to find a balance, contact Pintar Albiston LLP for help. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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