Protect Your Home and Yard From Water Damage With Water Main Repair in Falls Church, VA

by | Jan 22, 2014 | Plumbing

In many ways the water main to your home is like a main artery to your heart. It is the primary line that supplies all the water to the house and is under constant pressure as long as the water supply is available. When the water line reaches the house it branches off to supply the water heater and hot water side of the plumbing with the other branch supplying the cold water line. During the duress of winter this pipe is often one of those that freeze and crack.

Because this pipe is under so much pressure you can’t simply patch it and because it is often buried or run under concrete it usually requires a professional trained in Water Main Repair in Falls Church, VA to make the repair correctly. There are several ways to realize you have a leaking water main. One of these involves a rising water bill and no obvious leaks in the home. Another is water pooling in the yard or patches of soggy ground where the water main runs.

Water Main Repair in Falls Church, VA sometimes requires replacing the whole pipe. Depending on the location of the water main and the connection to your home this pipe could be rather long. Older metal pipes may be suffering the same type of damage throughout it’s length and if the damage is from freezing then the rest of the pipe might be ready to break again. One of the tougher challenges that plumbers face are older homes with galvanized pipes. After a while the galvanizing will break down and the pipes will corrode. This corrosion can happen at any of the joints including angles and even the main connection.

Because the water is under constant pressure the pipes are always strained. With PVC pipes this means the plastic will continue to stretch allowing the crack to worsen. With metal pipes the pressure will continue to push water through the break and slowly wash the metal away. While water seems like such a gentle liquid, it is actually considered a solvent. Given enough time, water can move mountains. Unfortunately, right now it is moving your lawn and costing you money. To eliminate this problem companies like All Plumbing Inc. are waiting for you to take the first step and Visit their website.


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