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by | Jan 27, 2014 | Jewelry

How many times have you seen advertising for jewelry that is priced either at or below wholesale prices? Those claims of lower priced diamonds are luring in buyers, but what the buyers don’t know or understand is that the diamond they are purchasing is not what the certificate states. Even if a diamond comes with a certificate stating that it is of excellent cut and nearly flawless, doesn’t mean that it is true. Here are some helpful tips to help ensure that your diamond purchase is protected.

The first tip offered is to deal with American based dealers and labs. The main reason is that if there is ever any question about the quality of the diamond, you as a consumer have the right to ask more questions about the diamond. If you purchase the diamond from an overseas company, the consumer is not afforded the same right to ask more questions. Once the transaction is completed with an overseas company, there is little to no recourse in the event that the diamond is not the quality you paid for.

Even if you are dealing with an American based dealer, you should never hesitate to ask to see the diamond under a microscope. Trusted jewelers in Estero will have no problem putting their diamonds under the scope and showing you exactly what you are paying for. Refusing the let the customer see the diamond under a scope is a huge red flag that the diamond will not match what is on the certificate.

If you’ve already purchased a diamond and are now questioning if it will match up with the certificate, you can always take it to one of the most trusted jewelers in Estero for a free consultation. When the diamond is brought in, the staff will show you the diamond under a microscope and do some other tests right before your eyes. While they are conducting these tests, they’ll explain exactly what they are looking for and what they are looking at, so there will be no doubt in your mind at the end of the consultation. Let this be a valuable educational experience and remember, if something is too good to be true, it probably isn’t. Visit for more information.

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