Protect The Integrity of Your Home With Termite Removal in Queens, NY

by | Oct 18, 2013 | Pest Control

When you live in a city with a history as rich as Queens, NY, you want to be sure you take excellent care of the property you own. This includes a constant vigilance for a variety of pests such as rodents and insects. However, maintaining a pest free environment is a difficult job because the little vermin have many ways to hide from the exterminators. For example, roaches tend to run through the cracks into surrounding properties then slowly filter back in your home as the chemicals wear off.

Most insects are tough on the people in your home because they can harbor filth and disease, but one insect is literally murder on your house and other buildings. Termites are a common occurrence in many areas. All they need to survive is a food source, a little water and some warmth. The food is common enough since the termite lives mostly on dead plant material such as wood pulp, leaf litter and even animal dung. Since most of this matter is commonly found in or underneath our homes, apartments and businesses our cities are rife with these invaders. Water is generally as easy to find as a food source. Simple plumbing leaks can often leave as much liquid as the common termite colony needs for survival.

Termite Removal in Queens, NY is sometimes one of the hardest insect removal problems an exterminator can get. These insects are very social and they create extensive colonies in the foundation materials of the buildings they invade. As they eat their way through your home their colonies branch off to other parts of the building which is one of the reasons regular chemical treatments have a hard time killing them all.

To understand your options for Termite Removal in Queens, NY you need to have a conversation with an experienced pest control expert such as Rudy’s Exterminating Company Inc. They can inspect your home and determine where the insects are located and what methods will work best for eliminating the problem. However, simply killing the existing termites is only part of the job because your home is surrounded by old wood where plenty of termite colonists are waiting to invade your property again.


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