Protect Concrete Floors In Commercial Buildings With A Floor Anchor Plate

Concrete is the flooring material of choice in many industrial facilities including warehouses, plants, production operations and in commercial types of applications and processing facilities. However, concrete is not a durable surface if level unprotected.

Options for Protection

Industrial coatings are costly to apply, take extra time to cure and seal, and need to be replaced over time. They also have limited ability to protect the surface from equipment traffic, heavy loads dropping on the surface and even from smaller items that fall and chip or crack the surface of the concrete.

A cost-effective and permanent option in protecting a concrete floor is to use a pre-manufactured floor anchor plate. These plates, which are similar to a tile on the top surface but have projections on the underside to anchor the plate in place provide a full steel floor that can be used on the entire surface or just in specific traffic areas.

Installing the Plates

With new concrete floors, the plates are simply placed on the concrete at the correct point in the hardening process. This allows the projections on the bottom of the plate to sink into the surface, holding the floor anchor plate in place. Once the concrete has completely dried, the plate is secured in position and does not move.

Existing concrete floors can also be protected with the use of the floor anchor plate. With these floors, a thin layer of new concrete is placed over the existing concrete; then the steel anchor plate is pushed down into the surface.

By staggering the rows of butted plates, the floor is completely covered without all the time and costs associated with other types of concrete protective coatings and flooring options.

Easy to maintain and designed to last for a lifetime of use, this is the ideal option in any type of heavy industrial application were equipment, traffic and heavy loads are a consideration on the concrete floor.

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