Pros and Cons of The Types of Outdoor Swimming Pools In Kansas City

As the summer season approaches, many homeowners will debate whether or not to install an outdoor swimming pool. The temperatures of the last few summers have left people sweltering and an outdoor pool would be wonderful to have to relax in, entertain around and even to get additional exercise. There are many options to choose from in outdoor swimming pools Kansas City here are just a few of the basics.

Above the ground pools are usually the first option considered. While the one season inflatable pools are inexpensive, they generally do not last past that one season and then only if installed correctly and maintained. While some people choose to have these professionally installed, many homeownaers buy the kits and it becomes a do it yourself project. While they provide a refreshing water feature, they are not very attractive or durable.

Vinyl lined in ground pools are financially the next option in outdoor swimming pools Kansas City. These are created by a professional contractor and are installed in a hole in the ground. They are the most affordable of the in ground pools and can be one of the most easy to maintain. Unfortunately even with care the liner usually has to be replaced approximately every ten to twelve years.

Fiberglass pools are also an option. These are pre-formed in many different shapes and sizes. Installation is also in ground and best performed by a professional. Fiberglass is not feasible in areas that have extremely cold temperatures due to it cracking.

Poured concrete and Gunite pools are very similar in their installation. Once the location is prepared and plumbing established, rebar frame work is built and concrete is poured or Gunite is sprayed. Many people are getting away from the concrete and the Gunite is becoming the most popular choice of outdoor swimming pools Kansas City. Created from a mixture of sand and cement, Gunite is more durable and can be sprayed to any shape or size allowing homeowners to customize their pools to enhance the environment that they are being placed in. No matter what type of pool the homeowner installs. The pool that is well maintained will last the longest and provide the greatest level of joy for everyone.

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