Properly Caring For Granite Kitchen Countertops in Gig Harbor WA

When a homeowner decides to have new granite kitchen countertops in Gig Harbor WA installed inside of their home, they will want to take the necessary steps in keeping them maintained, so they continue to look like new. There are several precautionary steps that can be taken to keep granite in great condition. Try the following tips to prolong the life of granite counter tops.

Clean The Counter Tops Often To Remove Debris

It is best to wipe down a granite counter top immediately after its surface is used for food preparation. This way debris will not settle upon the surface of the counter tops, leaving them with a dull film as a result. Plain water can be used on a piece of clean cloth to mop up debris from granite with ease. A cleaning solution made for especially granite surfaces can also be used for grime that is harder to remove.

Use Coverings To Protect Granite From Scratching

If someone places something on a granite counter top, there is a chance that a piece of hard debris will be present underneath if routine cleaning is not done. When the item is moved around, the debris can cause unsightly scratches on the counter top. It is best to use a pot holder on a granite surface before setting down a pot, pan, or casserole dish.

Apply A Layer To Protect Granite From Moisture

If a granite counter top is made from a composite rock mixture, it will need to be sealed, so moisture does not cause it to dull in appearance. Pure granite stone will not require a sealant. To test a counter top, place a bead of water on the surface. If the water disappears after a few minutes, a sealant should be applied to protect the stone from moisture damage.

When there is a need to find out more about the caring of granite kitchen countertops in Gig Harbor WA, contacting a professional in the business is best. A customer can click here to find out more about the variety of counter top materials available for an installation. They can also obtain contact information if they wish to make an appointment to design counters to be proud to show off.

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