Projectors: Not just an Old School A/V Antique

by | Feb 14, 2014 | Shopping

Projectors played a key role in people’s lives from schools to businesses and family to libraries. However they are not an archaic piece of A/V equipment as many might think. There are many modern improvements that have been made from Optoma to Hitachi Projectors with many different uses to kick up your home theatre, conference room or classroom set up as follows:

  • Home Theater Projectors: From the coveted man cave to the ultimate family room the home theater projector is improving the way families are viewing their favorite past times from sports to movies. These projectors are designed for watching movies, gaming and improving your television viewing pleasure at home.
  • Short Throw Projectors: Even the smallest of office spaces or boardrooms can benefit from the short throw projector. The short throw projector is made especially for casting large images in small rooms where you may be sitting directly in front of a wall or board. Short throw projectors are used with laptops or computers and are placed as close to the wall or screen as necessary without interfering with the quality of the image.
  • Portable / Mobile Projectors: As the name suggests these are smaller projectors made with travel in mind. These also work well for business presentations and sales pitches. They are not heavy and therefore easy to carry and are capable of putting on a very good show to impress your clients.
  • Conference Room Projectors: For larger venues where the projector will be set far back from the audience the conference room projector is ideal. These are designed with auditoriums, trade shows, concerts and large conference rooms in mind in which a larger screen is used for the images.
  • Classroom Projectors: Classroom projectors vary in their need and size. Some schools share a projector amongst classrooms and therefore they require a mobile unit whereas others have a bright installation unit installed in each classroom.
  • Multimedia Projectors: These projectors offer the most flexibility and can be used for everything from classrooms to seminars. They are compatible with PowerPoint presentations using a PC as well as for video and data. Some people even use them for gaming.

As you can see there is a projector ideal for all uses and budgets to enhance your viewing pleasure.

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