Preparing Your House for Home Movers in San Antonio

When most people move house they pick up the phone and contact home movers in San Antonio, but it is important to prepare for this kind of assistance. You may waste a lot of your time unless you help the home movers in San Antonio to load and unload your belongings with ease and if you pay at an hourly rate, this will be much more expensive. Companies like Move Pros offer short and long distance moving services so that no matter where you are relocating to, they can be a part of the experience. To save as much money as possible on home movers in San Antonio, make the effort to complete the following tasks.

Unplug Appliances and Electronics

If you have set a date for home movers in San Antonio you should unplug appliances and electronics at least a day before. Wires can become tangled and unless you start untangling the wires before the movers come, the movers will have to wait longer and the hourly rate will increase. Be sure to bundle loose wires together with an elastic band or a cable and remove CDs, DVDs and USB ports from devices before packing them in boxes. This will make it easier for you to access your belongings when the move is complete.

Package Your Goods in Advance

You will not want to leave anything behind when the home movers in San Antonio do their job, so package your goods in advance to prevent forgetful mistakes. This is a great time to downsize and get rid of items you no longer need. Consider donating clothes to charity and sell your unwanted electronics, furniture, books and other goods on the Internet or at a yard sale to make extra cash. Make sure you secure every box with extra strong tape and label the boxes so that you can package goods by category. You may even want to label boxes by room, so that they can be placed in the appropriate rooms in your new property.

Clear Obstructions

The home movers in San Antonio will want to do their job as quickly as possible and if you are paying an hourly rate, you will want them to be quick, too! Obstructions may halt them from loading their vehicles with your belongings, so clear all of the doorways in your property and make accessible entrance and exit points to avoid hiccups. Consider the layout of your home and create routes that are convenient for you and the mover.


If your home is filled with large pieces of furniture, like closets and refrigerators you ought to empty the shelves and wait for the home movers in San Antonio to move the item. Attempting to pick up items yourself can be dangerous and after all, this is what you are paying the company to do! To hire movers that you can build a good rapport with, visit Move Pros website at

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