Preparing Your Canine Buddy for Doggie Daycare

Dog daycares have been gaining popularity for years. Everyone wants to ensure that their pet dog is in great hands, even if we can’t be providing them care 24/7. However, there are tons of daycares out there to choose from and little standardization to ensure the facility is legitimate. We’ve gathered up a few tips to make searching for a doggie daycare a bit easier for you.

Obtain Medical History
A doggie daycare that provides excellent pet care in Pennsylvania is going to want to see your pet’s medical records. Have those available to make things simple. You should also be able to provide information about your pet’s tick and flea prevention, as it will be expected that your dog is on a schedule before joining the daycare.

Safety Certifications
Daycare is not a veterinarian, but the staff should be aware of what to do if a health emergency occurs. Make sure that the facility you choose for your pet’s daycare always has someone available on-site who knows pet CPR and first aid. While it is unlikely your pet will need these services, you don’t want to need them and have them be unavailable.

Cleanliness Standards
With many other pets in the vicinity, your pet is more likely to run into a dog who is ill. Because of that, it’s important that the facility you choose is strict about their cleaning processes. An excellent pet hotel will have constant spot cleaning, along with more thorough cleaning at certain times. Another thing to look for is whether the walls are full from floor to ceiling. This can help keep airborne illnesses from spreading.

Practice Makes Perfect
If your pet does well in a dog park, they’ll be capable of coping with daycare. It’s a similar situation. Practicing at a park can give your pet the chance to learn how to interact with other dogs. Having that experience will ensure your pet is comfortable and knows how to act in daycare.

Ask About Amenities
You want to find out what extras come with your doggie daycare. Find out when meals are given, how much exercise is available, and if there’s any way to check in on your pet through the day. Some facilities might also have add-on services you can choose to include if you wish.

Pet Care in Pennsylvania
At K9 Resorts Daycare and Luxury Hotel of horsham, we provide relaxation and fun through our doggie daycare program. Our program is affordable, and your pet will be among experienced staff. To learn more, you can reach us at 215-773-8277.

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