Premium Gold Buyers in Long Island

Marinelli Jewelers is proud to offer customers the very best prices for gold. Bring us your unwanted items or broken items, and we will give you cash for them. We have been one of the best gold buyers around for a very long time. We treat our customers with respect, we offer a good price, and we can complete the transaction in very little time.

Get a Quote

Come into Marinelli Jewelers and let us show you what we are talking about! Just bring in your gold items and we will give you a quote for them. If you aren’t sure of the value of certain items, there is no need to worry. Our experts can provide you with the details you need and an appraisal.

Once you hear the price, you will realize for yourself that we are the best gold buyers in Long Island. You can accept the price offered, or you can decline it and retain possession of your gold items. We are confident you will be walking out of our store with cash, not your unwanted gold items. Gold prices continue to increase, and we pass those increases along to our valued customers.

Gold Items Accepted

We pay cash for a variety of items, not just jewelry. As one of the best gold buyers in the area, we also purchase gold coins and gold watches. We also buy jewelry such as rings and necklaces. Your items may mean nothing to you at this point, but you may need cash in a hurry. Rather than stress about how to get the funds, bring in your items and we can help you out.

Selling gold sure beats borrowing money from friends or family because owing them is stressful. It is a better choice than high-interest payday loans. It is also better than not paying bills, or experiencing overdraft fees at the bank due to bounced checks.

Marinelli Jewelers is proud to be licensed to buy gold, as not everyone is. You can be confident your transaction will be private. We don’t add on hidden costs that reduce the amount of funds you get from the exchange, either. Unfortunately, we know that type of unethical behavior does take place in this industry on a regular basis.

As consumers learn they don’t have to accept that from gold buyers, hopefully that practice will end. But as long as they don’t have the facts, it is going to continue. You can always ask any of the employees of Marinelli Jewelers to help you with questions or concerns you may have. Being well informed can help you feel confident about selling your gold items to us for top dollar. Make sure you check with us before you sell to anyone else, or you will likely get far less cash.

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