Practical Tips to Qualify for Affordable Student Housing This Year

After living on campus during your freshman and possibly your sophomore year, you may need more space as you progress into your upperclassman years. You may no longer fit in the dorm rooms that are available to students on campus.

Instead of trying to live in a dorm room, you can move into an apartment or home near to campus. You can prepare for this move by understanding how to qualify for affordable student housing in Baton Rouge this year.


When you apply for one of these homes, you need to make sure that you make enough money each month to pay the rent. Your potential landlord will want you to have three times the amount of rent coming in each month to qualify you for the housing.

Your sources of income can include wages or a salary from your job. It can also include any student grants or scholarships that you get to go to school, as well as any money that your parents or family members send you regularly. If you fail to meet the income requirement on your own, you can add a roommate and his or her income onto your application.

You may also need some sort of prior rental history, which for many college students counts as living in the dorms. If you lived at home, you may need a cosigner on your application. Learn about affordable student housing in Baton Rouge by contacting Alight Baton Rouge now.

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