Personal Injury Attorney in PA: Child Injury Cases

Personal injury cases involving a child are a little more common than most people might think. The vast majority of the time a personal injury case involving a child is going to be because of negligence and not intent. This is because cases involving injuries that were intentionally inflicted on a child would require you to hire a criminal attorney instead of a Personal injury attorney in PA.

A common type of personal injury claim law case is when a child gets injured due to the dangerous conditions within the environment. This is something that happens pretty frequently at playgrounds. This is especially true when there were not warning signs that there was any danger to begin with. Most of the time a personal injury case involving a child will result in financial damages awarded. The purpose of this money is to cover any losses that were experienced by the injury. This can include medical expenses and hospital bills. The Personal injury attorney in PA would be able to work out how much money your case is worth. There are other cases where the court might decide to file an injunction that would order the party responsible for the injury to change their policies. This is something you would see issued if your child were hurt at a day care.

Injuries at school, injures at day care, transportation injures, defective toys, and poor medical treatment are some of the more common reasons why a civil lawsuit might be pursued. In order for a person to be found liable for a child’s injuries that resulted from negligence that person must have a responsibility of caring for the child or where the child was. This can include people such as:

* Parents and guardians

* Principals, teachers, and other educational personnel

* Daycare worker, bus driver, or babysitter

* Social worker

* Anyone temporarily responsible for caring for the child.

Due to the fact that child injury cases can be pretty complicated, you are only going to benefit by hiring a lawyer to help you with the case. While it is cruel it is not uncommon for the defense to try to point the finger at you and blame you for the child’s injuries in order to get out of paying.

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