Party on the Way to the Party!

Tired of overcrowded ride shares and designated drivers? At Great American Charters, we are excited to offer an impressive array of party and entertainer charters to turn your trip into a club on wheels!

When Should I Rent a Party Bus?

From bachelorette parties to bar mitzvahs, there are a handful of occasions perfectly suited to renting a party bus. Whether you are looking for transport to an event or prefer to keep the party on board as you traipse around town, friends and family alike will rest easy knowing that their loved ones are safe within the comfort of a premium-line party bus.

What Can I Expect From a Party Bus?

From leather seats and surround sound to a sunroof and wet bar, young and old alike will be shocked by the amenities offered on a modern day party bus. Up the ambience with neon lighting or request wifi and a plasma screen for a sports night out with the team. Of course, every bus is chauffeured by an experienced professional committed as much to your safety as to your enjoyment.

At Great American Charters, we turn fun into fantastic! Because we want only the best for you and your guests, we operate a 24/7 dispatch line to ensure that your party is perfect from the moment we pick you up to the moment we drop you off. Whether you are ready to book your club on wheels or are simply curious to learn more, we invite you to contact us at your convenience by phone.

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