Optional Central Air Features Installed by Residential Air Conditioning Services in Estero, FL

When it’s time to order installation of a new central air conditioner from a company providing Residential Air Conditioning Services in Estero, FL, homeowners have more choices than ever for the equipment. Helpful optional features are increasingly popular for better air quality and for convenience.

Optional Features

Programmable Thermostat
This is useful for households in which people stick with a routine schedule for the most part. The thermostat turns the temperature setting up when everyone is gone for the day, then returns the setting to a comfortable level right before the first person is due to arrive home. On days when schedules are more erratic, which tend to be weekend days, the thermostat can be set for manual adjustments only.

Air Filter Light
An indicator light comes on when it’s time to change the air filter after a certain number of operating hours. This is useful because many people tend to forget that the filter must be changed regularly to keep the system running efficiently and to maintain excellent air quality.

Two-Stage Compressor
This is a feature that the home’s residents don’t have to think about. It uses more energy to operate the air conditioner when maximum output is needed and uses less electricity otherwise. Most of the time, that lower-energy output is all that’s necessary for home comfort after central air installation by Residential Air Conditioning Services in Estero, FL.

Air Cleaners
The basic air filters technically are air cleaners, but more effective models are available. Some are large, pleated filters that fit into slots in a cartridge attached to the indoor air exchanger. They typically only require changing once a year. A technician from a company such as Holiday A/C Services, INC. can change the device during the annual maintenance and inspection service.

A whole-house dehumidifier can be attached to a central air system. While air conditioning does reduce humidity to a certain extent, it may not be as effective as the household residents prefer. It can particularly helpful for people who live near a lake or a river.

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