Older buildings Need Masonry Repair in Chicago IL

Chicago weather conditions are hard on exterior masonry finishes on commercial buildings. The extremes in temperature, storms, automobile exhausts, and other big city factors cause masonry to develop problems over time. Though Masonry is a very strong exterior finish, it still needs masonry repair in Chicago IL when wear and damage occur. A small crack can turn into a large problem if it is ignored. Cracks allow water into a building facade where it can freeze and thaw and cause serious damage.

The Importance Of Masonry Maintenance

Masonry is one of the most common and strongest exterior facade materials used on commercial buildings. It is attractive and low maintenance. But, it is not maintenance free. Masonry is subject to damage from wind, water, and extremes in temperature. The ground underneath buildings can shift slightly and cause damage in the form of cracks. The constant vibrations from traffic passing the building can cause damage over time. Exhaust from vehicles and air pollution from manufacturers and other buildings can cause damage.

When masonry develops cracks or when mortar begins to break down, repairs must be made to keep the masonry in good condition. Masonry must be cleaned periodically to remove the air pollution, grime, and dirt from its surface. It is a good practice to have masonry facades inspected periodically by a masonry repair in Chicago IL contractor. They can give an estimate on the cost of needed repairs and perform the repairs promptly.

When defects and damage are discovered early and repaired promptly, the masonry surfaces will last many years longer than the same type of facade that is neglected year after year.

Other Building Services Contractors Perform

The same company that offers masonry repair will often be able to renovate or restore whole buildings. They can take care of water leak mitigation, roofing repairs, concrete repairs, structural strengthening, and more. They may offer facade restoration or preservation and also handle parking garage repairs and restoration. The building owner can contact the construction company to set up a building inspection and ask for a renovation bid. These contractors have many years of experience renovating historic Chicago buildings. Contact Business Name for additional information.

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