Off-Campus Housing for Nontraditional TAMUCC Students in Corpus Christi

With more than 73,000 students, Texas A&M in College Station has the largest student population in the United States. Many individuals who want to attend Texas A&M choose the Corpus Christi campus instead since it has a less overwhelming population of about 8,500. In addition, there’s a less restrictive on-campus residency policy here. A significant percentage of the university attendees reside in off-campus housing for TAMUCC students.

Appreciation for Off-Campus Options

Individuals in their senior year or in a graduate program appreciate being allowed to reside off campus. This is also appreciated by those who are considered nontraditional students because of their age. Not everyone likes living in residence halls, preferring the various advantages of off-campus housing for TAMUCC students.

Nontraditional Student Age Range

In regard to age, the National Center for Education Statistics defines nontraditional college students as those who are 25 and older. Some do not begin until they reach this age range, whereas others start right after high school and then take a year-long break. Some individuals begin before 25 but reach that age during their studies.


In general, most men and women in this age range prefer a home off campus. They may have been living independently for some years, either alone or with roommates. They don’t want to give up their freedom and extra privacy to live in a dorm with dozens of other residents on the same floor. Apartments also have the advantage of full kitchens, and some offer a private bathroom with each bedroom.

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