Now is A Good Time To Have HVAC Repair in Sylvania OH Performed

With winter still lingering and summer right around the bend, now is a great time to have HVAC Repair in Sylvania OH performed. The heating system in a home worked overtime during the winter and a homeowner does not want it to fail before the cold air has left. When the heating system is serviced, the air conditioning system should also be checked so it is ready for operation when the heat and humidity arrives.

Maintenance Will Extend The Life Of An Air Conditioning System

Regular maintenance on an air conditioning system includes cleaning the outside condensing unit, testing the coolant level, clean contractors, oil motor, inspect indoor coil and drain, measure the temperature rise, and calibrate the thermostat. Getting a home ready for summer can save a homeowner money on their energy costs. In addition to saving money, a home will be comfortable throughout the summer months.

Older Air Conditioners

If an air conditioner in a home is more than ten years old, a homeowner should consider replacing the unit with an energy efficient unit. Air conditioners lose their efficiency over the years and a unit that is more than ten years old will not have the same energy efficiency features as a new unit. The money a homeowner saves in energy costs will help to pay for the new unit.

Furnace Tune-Ups

A gas furnace can be cleaned and tuned-up for a little over $80. This minor amount of money will give a homeowner the peace of mind they need to know they will not need to call for HVAC Repair in Sylvania OH. Paying a little bit for maintenance can eliminate a larger expense when the furnace stops operating. A tune-up includes cleaning, safety inspection, thermostat calibration, fan and motor oil, installation inspections and a filter check.

Don’t let the cold or heat ruin the time you spend in your home when a simple tune-up to your heating or air conditioning system will eliminate the problem. If your heating or air conditioning system needs to be replaced, you can receive a free estimate for the work that will need to be performed and the cost of the new unit. Visit Website Domain for more information on HVAC services.

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