New Laws Applied To Car Insurance In Reading, PA

New laws require that you maintain Car Insurance Reading PA for any vehicle that is registered in your name. This includes vehicles that are not operational. These new laws present you with a fine if you fail to maintain automobile insurance for these vehicles. To eliminate the probability of acquiring fines you are required to present proof of a total loss as deemed by your insurance carrier. Your preferred insurance agent provides this proof to allow you to submit it to the DMV for these purposes.


New Insurance Requirements

When you register a vehicle or renew your tag you are required to provide proof of insurance to the DMV. The Department of Motor Vehicles maintains a record of the proof that you present within their database. At any time that your insurance lapses or you fail to present a new form of proof, your insurance carrier is required to notify the DMV. After the DMV is contacted, you are notified through mail of the fine amount assigned to you. If you have any previous tickets or fine associated with a lack of insurance, the value of the fines are significantly higher.

Auto Coverage Provider

Perfetto Insurance assists you in acquiring adequate coverage for all vehicles registered in your name. They provide you with a full array of insurance policies to fulfill your needs. The agents additionally assist you when your automobile is totaled. They provide you with documentation to present to the DMV to avoid possible fines. If you wish to acquire coverage for a new automobile that they assist you with this need and provide proof of insurance. To receive a quote for your preferred coverage level contact this agency today or visit

Your Car Insurance Reading PA carrier provides you with assistance in acquiring effective coverage. These policies fulfill the national mandate along with preventing probable fines. Your chosen level of coverage offers you indemnity. The percentage or level of coverage implies the amount paid in the event that you are in an accident. However, coverage protects against non-collision based events such as falling timber, hail, and more.

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