Needing Assisted Living In Smyrna, GA

Older family members deserve to maintain dignity throughout their life. They’re not able to maintain a home, but it’s not time for a nursing home. An assisted living facility helps them achieve their goal.

Assisted Living in Smyrna, GA, wants to give seniors, who need Memory Care Services, independence and nurturing at the same time. Some of the facility’s services include:

  • scheduled group trips;
  • access to 24-hour assisted living help, including medication and continence management;
  • restaurant-style dining;
  • weekly housekeeping and laundry;
  • social, spiritual, educational and recreational programs, daily;
  • accommodations for couples;
  • in-house medical team; and
  • physical, speech and occupational therapies available.

This facility wants to keep residents spiritually centered. The owners believe a healthy spiritual life enables a healthy aging process. By focusing on the spiritual dimension of aging, care givers are able to comfort residents in dealing with the challenges of aging. Assisted Living in Smyrna, GA caters to residents who are in the early stages of Alzheimer’s or other memory-related problems. The facility helps residents exercise their memory in several different ways:

  • Spiritual programs:- both denominational and non-denominational prayers and services are held;
  • Legacy stories:- a care giver helps each resident write their biography;
  • Lectures:- held regularly on topics interesting to residents;
  • Time capsule:- each resident stores keepsakes which helps keep them calm and stimulated;
  • Around the world:- cultural programs held each month focusing on a different country through food, dress and music.
  • Radio days:- Classic radio programs are used to help residents remember the 30’s and 40’s.

Care givers believe setting new goals is a sign that people continue to live in the present. Residents are encouraged to set a goal, whether it’s walking a certain distance or learning a new language. When residents select a goal, care givers help residents achieve it. Visit website to get more information on assisted living facility.

Choosing a facility for a family member, with special needs, may be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. This facility encourages family and friends to participate in every aspect of a loved one’s life. You’ll feel more comfortable and they’ll be encouraged by your presence. This facility preserves the family. Your loved one is safe and secure, and you know their needs are being met.

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