Need Wheel Alignment Service in East Lansing, MI?

The test of whether or not the wheels of a car are properly aligned is if the driver can take his hands off the steering wheel while the car is moving. If the car maintains a straight and level course, assuming no road irregularities or differences in tire pressure affecting the ride, it’s a fairly sure bet the wheels are properly aligned. If not, however, there’s a problem that should be corrected before it becomes too serious.

The signs of improperly aligned wheels are obvious. In addition to the aforementioned inability of a car to drive itself straight down the road (a “pull” to one side or the other), the tires show uneven wear. The more a vehicle is out of alignment, the greater the wear on the inside or outside of the tires. This excessive wear on tires not only causes much unnecessary expense given the price of new tires but also represents a safety hazard. As the tire rubber wears, the tires lose traction, or the defect wears all the way through until the rubber is thin enough to rupture under pressure. A blowout at moderate speeds can be a hazard. But, a blowout at highway speeds is potentially lethal.

Auto service technicians performing Wheel Alignment Service in East Lansing MI seek proper adjustment along three parameters: camber, caster, and toe. Camber refers to the angle inward or outward the wheel rests at with respect to the axle. Caster (or castor as the term is sometimes rendered) refers to the angle of the steering axis apart from the camber of the steered front wheel. Toe, the last value (also referred to as tracking), is the measure of the symmetry of each wheel with respect to the long axis of the vehicle itself. Each of these parameters can be affected by a number of mechanical faults including worn bearings, worn ball joints, and defects in the suspension wrought by age and wear.

The alignment technicians at Liskey’s Auto & Truck Service are fully certified and perform wheel adjustment work on all makes and models of vehicles. Their experience and attention to detail guarantees first class work on any car or truck brought to the shop. Contact them when Wheel Alignment Service in East Lansing MI is needed.

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