Need Help with VA Disability Claims, Find Attorneys with Experience

From 2007 onward, veterans have to wait about six months before they get a decision from VARO (their Regional Office) regarding claims. If you are denied your claim, you can start the appeals process at your local VARO level, which can take up to two years before it gets forwarded to the BVA (Board of Veteran’s Appeals) in Washington, DC. It can also take up to two years to get a decision from the BVA. If it goes to the US Court of Appeals (CAVC), the wait time is also about two years. Therefore, VA disability claims can take up to 10 years before getting the appeal reversed. Attorneys can help you get through each stage of the process faster, ensuring that you get the benefits you deserve.

Chances of Success Improve

Attorneys that represent veterans usually do so after you are denied benefits initially. They can go through the local VARO and all other stages if necessary. VA disability claims have a better success rate when an attorney is involved because the VARO, BVA or CAVC know that you mean business and are serious about trying to get your benefits.

What it Means for You

The attorney is there to advocate on your behalf and can answer claim-related questions that you may have. They can also ensure that you get the proper evidence and understand what it all means.

These advocates analyze your entire claim history, assessing the most effective path to getting the benefits you deserve. In some cases, they can get benefits you didn’t even know existed, which means you get more money and don’t have to worry about finances.

VA disability claims are difficult to get through by yourself. Consider the attorneys at Jackson & MacNichol Attorneys at Law at to see how they can help.

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