Modifications to the Location of Downspouts During Replacement Gutter Installation in Puyallup Wa

Sometimes replacement of a residential rain gutter system includes modifications to the location of the downspouts. This allows for better drainage after new Gutter Installation in Puyallup Wa. The original design may have been inadequate for some reason or it may have lost some effectiveness because of changes to the environment. A large number of trees growing to heights above the roof over the years is one example of those changes.

The Downspout Design

The downspout has an elbow near the top that allows the pipe to bend back to the building and away from the gutter. A strap at the bottom and another at the top hold it in place; an additional strap in the middle is advisable. The sheer force of heavy rain can knock the downspout loose without enough hardware to hold it.

Extension Pipes and Troughs

Downspouts should not discharge water in places where it tends to puddle up, especially if this is close to the foundation. Extensions may solve this type of problem unless that longer device would end up by a sidewalk or the driveway. In this case, one or more downspouts may need to be relocated during new Gutter Installation in Puyallup Wa.

Pouring rain shooting from a downspout also can easily knock an extension pipe off if that is not secured. However, extensions usually cannot be fully secured since people want to remove them to cut grass.

Placement Distance

At a minimum, downspouts should ideally be placed no more than 30 ft. apart. This is not always possible or desirable, depending on the design of the home and the roof. Many homeowners prefer to only have downspouts at the corners of the building, but sometimes having one extra downspout in the middle of one side of the structure can help a great deal to disperse rainwater.

The Recommended Number of Downspouts

For an average-sized house, two downspouts generally are not enough, although older homes commonly had this type of gutter system. There must be enough of those devices to manage all the water that pours into the troughs during heavy rain. The design can be modified during the new installation.

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