Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for an Auto Insurance Policy in Tomball

Auto insurance is a legal requirement, and when it’s time to choose an Auto Insurance Policy in Tomball, it’s important to practice due diligence. On the outside, all policies look the same, but there’s no universal option. When shopping for auto insurance, avoid the mistakes listed below.

Getting the State Minimum

All states require motorists to have a minimal amount of auto insurance. For some drivers, that means property damage and bodily injury liability; for others, coverage needs are more extensive. While getting the state minimum can result in initial savings, it may be costly in the event of an accident.

Skipping Optional Coverage

In areas that only require liability insurance, drivers might be tempted to forego optional coverage to save money. Although it’s illegal to drive without minimal coverage, many dishonest drivers do so. If such a motorist causes an accident, the victim may be out of luck if they need to file a claim. With under- or uninsured motorist coverage, higher premiums bring greater peace of mind.

Dishonesty About Driving History

A person’s driving history, along with their credit report, directly affects what they’ll pay for an Auto Insurance Policy in Tomball. If a driver is trying to keep costs low, omitting speeding tickets or accidents won’t do them any favors. All insurers check a person’s driving history, and if someone stretches the truth, they may pay more in the end.

Not Looking for Discounts

One way insurers gather new business is by offering policy discounts. Safe driver, multiple driver, and bundle discounts are some of the most common offers. Whether a person is buying coverage for the first time or they’re switching insurers, it’s to their benefit to ask about discounts.

Poor Deductible Choices

Apart from deciding on the amount and type of coverage, a driver must also choose a deductible. In the event of a claim, this is the amount the customer must pay before their coverage kicks in. Depending on the insurance policy, a deductible may be as little as $250 or as much as $2500. Visit our website for additional details or to request a quote.

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