Missing Teeth? Consider Getting Dental Implants in Harrisburg, PA

Missing Teeth? Consider Getting Dental Implants in Harrisburg, PALosing a tooth is a traumatic event for many people. If it’s a front tooth they may not even want to leave the house. People who work with the public may be afraid to return to work and risk ridicule. There was a time when a permanent or temporary bridge was the only solution. Unfortunately this didn’t just affect the missing tooth. Two teeth on either side of the bridge at to be ground down and fitted for crowns that would attach to the filler tooth. Today oral surgeons can perform Dental Implants Harrisburg PA procedures to insert an titanium screw into the patient’s jaw. Once that is healed they attach a porcelain crown to the screw. The result is a realistic replacement.

Older people or people who didn’t have this procedure done shortly after losing a tooth, might not have enough jawbone left to hold Dental Implants in place. Without a tooth to hold, the bone is reabsorbed into the body. No this does not condemn them to a life of talking with their hands covering their mouth. An oral surgeon can perform a bone graft to augment the patient’s jaw. Once the jaw has healed, the titanium implant can be inserted. The patient and surgeon will have to determine if the patient has sufficient bone mass in their jaw, tibia or hip to use their own bone for the grafting procedure. If the patient suffers from osteoporosis or other bone-weakening illness then a cadaver donation may be the best option.

If the bone graft and implant is done on the bottom jaw, then the oral surgeon might have to move the nerve that gives feeling to the jaw and bottom lip. If a molar is removed on the upper jaw, then the oral surgeon will have to consider the sinus cavity above it. If the lining between the jaw and sinus cavity is very thin, this will have to be augmented with a bone graft as well. This could take several months to heal before a Dental Implants Harrisburg PA procedure can be attempted. Although the procedure may sound daunting, the result will be a realistic tooth capable of chewing normally.

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