Minnesota CNC Machining Services Deployment vs. Additive Manufacturing

Science and technology interface in accordance with Gordon Moore’s famous law pointing to a correlation timeline between transistor count and computer component price points. CNC Machine shops and CNC Turning Services across Minnesota employ a technique using high precision input controls, ultimately proving his observation because such was not available until the correct time and widespread technological availability.

A computer numerically controlled (CNC) electro-mechanical apparatus utilizes three dimensional mathematics relaying accurate tool based fabrication application down to the micro level. Instruction program sequences inform guide the machine tools through each step.

CNC Machining vs. Additive Manufacturing

Three dimensional printing, or what’s known as additive manufacturing, is the polar opposite of the subject matter though some would think otherwise as engineers, inventors, designers, and architects apply both disciplines often.

Like the name insists, additive manufacturing differs from CNC, which is actually subtractive in nature. Those operating in the field take stock material and shave off the unnecessary parts portions until a finished prototype is realized. In reverse of this concept, materials must be added to create something out of nothing. This is what the CNC Turning Services in your Minnesota area actually does.

Automated CNC vs. Lathe Machining

Over time, even computer program developers hoped onto enterprise resource planning and precision manufacturing, eventually creating valuable apps dedicated to taking the time and pain out of planned projects. Getting from design visualization to final stage is now a matter of circumstance rather than which app fits the best. CNC is preferable to other approaches because it’s simply faster with higher precision margins – measuring thousands of an inch or “thou”. As a reference point, a piece of human hair is slightly wider than what these complex machines can work with.

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