Memorable Wedding Receptions in Fort Wayne, IN

As important as the wedding ceremony itself, the reception is the opportunity to blow off a little stream after the stress of all of the wedding plans. It lets everyone from both sides of the family meet and interact and it gives the couple the opportunity to entertain in public for the first time as a married couple.

There are many different customs and traditions which can shape how a reception is enjoyed. But two things remain the same regardless of who is holding the party. There has to be plenty of space for socializing and there has to be food. Not just any food, but really great food.

Wedding Receptions in Fort Wayne, IN are no exception to this rule. A wedding is often forgotten by guests shortly after it is over. But a reception can be remembered for years when it is done well. A professional catering company will provide the opportunity to have delicious gourmet options at your reception that everyone will be talking about for weeks.

Classic Cafe caters Wedding Receptions in Fort Wayne IN. They can provide the food to you at your location or help you to find the appropriate venue as well. They offer multiple venues, both formal and casual, which can seat from 100 to 600 or more guests.

The menu options are as varied as the locations they offer. You can select from a full line of entrees and appetizers. There are formal sit-down meals, casual barbecues and buffet style dinners. There are also breakfast and dessert menus as well. You can even work with them to develop specialized menus for those with vegetarians or those with dietary restrictions on the guest list.

They cater more than wedding receptions. You can also call them when you need someone to help make a meeting, reunion or birthday or anniversary party more exciting as well. Call them for any gathering where you want to leave the cooking and cleaning to someone else.

With the Classic Cafe Catering and Event center they will provide all of the table linens, silverware and more. They even offer bar services for on-site and off-site events.

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