Medical Equipment and Supplies

Cardiology equipment and other medical supplies are provided to hospitals and medical offices around the country by medical supply companies. Medical supply companies are a crucial part of the healthcare industry. Medical equipment and supplies must be manufactured, packaged, and shipped with care to ensure they will not be damaged during transport and will function optimally when used.

There are a variety of commonly used medical equipment and supplies, many of which are used to monitor the heart. Let’s take a look at a few:

ECG machines show the electrical activity of a patient’s heart to see if it is working normally or not. ECG machines are also called EKG machines. Their readings can detect abnormal heart rhythms, enlargement of one side of the heart, and other issues. A routine EKG is usually an annual test done to check for those issues. During the routine EKG, electrode patches are placed on the patient’s chest, arms, and legs. Cables allow signals from the patient’s body to reach the ECG/EKG machine.

Customizable holter/event kits are battery operated, portable devices used to measure and record heart activity continuously for a set amount of time. They are small sized devices that cause little to no interference with the everyday life of the patient.

We are a medical supply company with over twenty years of experience. We manufacture and distribute durable and reliable medical products (such as ECG machines, electrodes, cables, etc.) that healthcare professionals use to save lives. Our competitive selection of cardiology equipment is what makes us a preferred medical supplier. We are a woman owned business that is steadily growing and has helped thousands of healthcare professionals. Nobody beats our heart!

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