Making the Right Choice for Chain Link Fence Cleveland OH

Chain link–also called wire mesh–fencing is a very popular form of fencing that is inexpensive and easy to install. Chain link fencing was invented in England in 1844 and was originally based on machines used to weave cloth. It came to America later in the nineteenth century. Today, it is sold and shipped in rolls so that it can be easily transported. In the U.S., chain link fencing often comes in fifty-foot rolls, which can be joined with other rolls by hooking the lengths together. Generally made of galvanized or vinyl-coated steel wire, chain link can be either silver (galvanized) or, in its vinyl-coated variety, black, brown, green, or sometimes even white. The wires comprising the fencing are linked together to form a familiar diamond-shaped pattern.

Chain link fencing can come in almost any height, from three feet up to twelve feet and beyond. The size of the “diamonds” (the mesh length) can vary as well, the standard length being two inches. In addition to chain link’s economy and ease-of-installation, it has the advantage of being see-through,allowing sunlight to penetrate unobstructed. Chain link fences, especially in the taller sizes, can provide reliable security for any number of commercial, athletic, agricultural, or residential applications.

Professional installers, such as Cleveland’s R and M Fence, install chain link fences by first inserting”line posts” into the earth at regular intervals–often ten feet. Posts usually consist of hollow steel tubing, though wood or concrete posts may be used. The installation of a chain link fence involves setting”terminal posts” into the ground and attaching the fence to them. The terminal posts,” i.e., posts on corners or ends or at gates, need to be set in concrete or otherwise anchored. The wire mesh is attached to a terminal post at one end, then attached to another terminal post at the other. The wire mesh is then stretched, and the installer uses wire to attach the mesh to the line posts in between. Sometimes, rails are attached to the top and/or bottom of the mesh.

If you are a Cleveland-area homeowner or businessman in need of secure, economical fencing, make the right choice for Chain Link Fence Cleveland OH.

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