Make Incomplete Teeth a Thing of the Past

The teeth are important not only in maintaining one’s good looks but also in keeping our body healthy. Teeth are vital to our health as they aid in digesting our food. However, people sometimes tend to lose their teeth. The common causes of teeth loss is bad oral hygiene or other incidents like a solid blow on the face. Since the teeth are important to our body, there are innovations that will help you get that fantastic smile back. Want to have beautiful pearly whites again? There are many dentists that do dental implants in Naperville to choose from.

Dental implants have been used to brighten and complete people’s smiles for a long time. The 20th century paved the way for dental implant breakthroughs that improved the way implants are inserted.  With new technology available in the recent times, dentists have a more deep and accurate concept of the teeth and bones. This made dental implants more durable and allowed them to last for many years. This means that people are more satisfied with the dentist’s work.

Modern implants have bone grafts inserted into the place of the missing tooth’s previous location. This solves the problems of people whose bone shrank after the tooth was removed. Bone reduction is part of the healing process and is considered a problem because the implant has to have a bone that will hold them.
Even though science has crafted other ways to develop materials in lieu of the bone graft, the results vary and are unpredictable. This could lead to another procedure and added fees on your dental bill. Nowadays, it is advised that grafts are immediately placed after removing the tooth. This decreases bone reducing as it heals. This is particularly important in the upper arch of the teeth that affects a person’s attractiveness.

Manufacturers have started creating dental implants in Naperville with shorter lengths and narrower than traditional implants. These new and narrower versions are used to support dentures which are placed on the implants. These implant and dentures combination are commonly used in the lower level of the teeth.  Aside from smaller and slender implants, manufacturers have created shorter and broader type of implants as well. These kinds of implants are used to replace singular lost teeth. The reason for this design is that the size and length of the implant is important for the implant to be more durable and to last longer. This type of implant has been proven successful in patients whose bones has reduced vertically which means the length of longer implants are not required.

The materials used to cover the surfaces of the implants have also changed throughout the years in order to make sure that the bone and implant fusion is enhanced. These innovations made the quality of dental implants better. The implants fit better and last longer. This means that the result is more predictable, which translates to elimination of added cost for another procedure.

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