Maintenance for your Tires in Middleton, WI

You know exactly when you get a flat tire. You hear a loud pop when you’re driving, or you go out in the morning to check your tires and you happen to notice one is completely flat. But how often do you check the tires otherwise? A flat tire is one of the easiest parts to replace on a car, and yet most people are not in the habit of checking them for wear and tear.

When you’re doing the rest of your monthly maintenance on your car, like checking fluids, take a look at the tires. Are they bald, or do they have plenty of tread left on them? Also check the side walls for any damage or excessive wearing. If they’re bald, you want to look into new tires as soon as possible. If you’re not sure about your tires, you can check out places that sell Tires Middleton, WI , and take your car in to be checked. The mechanic on duty will be able to let you know if you need new tires now, or if not, how long you should drive before getting new tires. When you do get the new tire or tires, make sure that the mechanic rotates your tires. Your mechanic will let you know when to bring the car back in to get the tires rotated again.

As you are checking your tires, also check the PSI. There’s a simple gauge sold at any automotive parts store for this. On the side wall of your tire, there should be a number which would be the air pressure that is best for your tire. If your tire doesn’t have this information, check your car’s manual. If you notice any problems, try and see if you can feel a nail or anything else that has punctured the tire. If you find any, you should get a new tire right away.

Taking the time to check your tires once a month can help you keep an eye on your tires to prevent blow outs while you are driving. It’s a good idea to look for Tires Middleton, WI before you need them so you can have the peace in mind of knowing that your tires are in good condition. When checking your tires, remember to not only check the condition of the tires, but also check the air pressure. Visit Genin’s AutoCare for more information on Tires in Middleton, WI.




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