Maintain a Comfortable Home All Year When You Get AC Repair Service In Knoxville

When living in Knoxville, a person can get used to some pretty weird weather changes. Even in late fall, you can never be certain if the weather will be warm of cold. Of course, that’s part of what makes this area an exciting place to live. To help the homeowners keep their heating and cooling appliances ready for these weather changes, smart companies like Rocky Top Air provide their customers with excellent maintenance plans. Plus, when the air conditioner breaks, they can quickly Get AC Repair service In Knoxville.

Air conditioners are interesting devices. Many of the ones used in our homes are part of a system we normally call a central air or central heating system. This system comes in several basic pieces. First, you have an external condenser that houses a compressor, a coil and some electronics. Inside the home is the other cabinet that houses the furnace and air exchange with another coil and the blower fan. There will also be more electronics here, as well.

The final components are the ducts running through the home and the thermostat used to control the system. Each of these components is important when it’s time to Get AC Repair service In Knoxville. For example, low air flow could be caused by blocked coils, a slow turning fan or something blocking the ducts. Likewise, the air may be cooling intermittently which could indicate a problem with the thermostat, various electronics or even the condensing unit.

Diagnosing your A/C problems takes skill and knowledge. The technician needs to distinguish between possible mechanical issues, electrical control problems or coolant flow troubles. Sometimes, the latter is the trickiest to guess. This is why many technicians test the coolant’s charge before they begin thoroughly testing the rest of the system. Because the A/C works by collecting residual heat from inside the house and transferring it outside via the coolant, the coolant level can be very important. Another common problem is the blockage of air through the coils. In some central air systems, the filter isn’t enough to keep all the dirt away from the air exchange. As the unit works, it collects moisture on the evaporator coil and this excess dirt then sticks to the coil, as well. This debris is usually washed off with an acid wash so the air can flow freely.

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