Limestone in Austin TX: Billions of Years in the Making

Limestone is a very common material all around the globe. It mainly consists of different types of calcium carbonate in crystal form. The crystals have primarily been derived from marine organism skeletons over time, although limestone does include some other rock components. Limestone in Austin, TX is often used in landscaping, as it provides a way for property owners to install attractive rock pieces around trees and other plants, helping with drainage and cutting down on maintenance. It’s also a prevalent addition to cement, asphalt, and concrete.

People who are familiar with limestone in Austin, TX for landscaping may not realize that some of the country’s most renowned structures are made of this material. The Pentagon and the Lincoln Memorial, for instance, are crafted partly of limestone, and so is the Empire State Building. The material can be used for both exterior and interior structures, much like marble and granite are used.

Limestone naturally forms cliffs along seas and other waterways. Quarry workers mine it from the earth in a wide variety of places. It’s fascinating to consider the abundance of this material in quarries located in landlocked states, indicating how ancient it is. Limestone used in landscaping and for other purposes may be billions of years old, when the terrain of the land was immensely different than it is now. Seas located in these areas left behind the remains of plentiful marine creatures that gradually developed into limestone.

When property owners buy limestone from a company such as Loftin Trucking and Materials, the rock may actually come from a source far from Texas. Nevertheless, Texas does have some limestone quarries from which workers load up dump trucks and haul the material to various locations. An enormous supply of limestone was discovered in the 1850s near the location of what became Fort McKavett, for example. The soldiers were able to construct buildings from the supply of limestone. Scientists have determined that all of Texas once was located at the bottom of a sea, explaining why the skeletons of marine creatures have accumulated in such large amounts. Visit and learn more about this supply company.

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