Learning the Proper Skills Needed to be an EMT in New Jersey

If you enjoy helping others and have a desire to work in the healthcare field, then consider becoming an emergency medical technician. Here are a few things that you can expect when you enter this type of program.

Know the Requirements

There are a few requirements that you’ll likely need to meet before EMT training in New Jersey. These include being of the age to become an EMT in the state, possessing valid immunization and CPR records, and paying any necessary fees.


After the coursework in the class, you’ll begin the physical portion of the training. This is when you’ll be in an ambulance learning how to use the equipment and learning about the different situations that you could encounter. Keep in mind that each day will be different but that you can use many of the same skills with each patient you encounter. Some of the things that you might learn how to do include performing CPR, giving medications, and triaging patients at scenes where there are multiple victims.

Beyond Training

There are several programs that you can enter after EMT training in New Jersey if you want to do more techniques and have more responsibilities. You can train to become a paramedic. This is usually the person who drives the ambulance. As a paramedic, you’ll have knowledge that is similar to the skills provided at a hospital. You can work in various settings as a paramedic and can usually fly in a helicopter if you desire to work in different cities or states.

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