Learning About Invisalign Braces and How to Wear Them

Invisalign braces are a wonderful way for you to receive the straightening results that you need without having to wear all of the unsightly metal and tools that come with traditional braces. Invisalign in Annapolis are meant to be clear and fit over the teeth, slowly changing out the molds in order to move your teeth ever so slightly until they are perfectly straight. Once you have Invisalign it is important to understand how they work and how you can best take care of them. Some of the things that you can keep in mind include when you should wear these braces, how you can clean and store these braces, how all of the attachments work and when you should switch out the braces, and when you should visit the dentist to check out how the braces are working.

When to Wear Them
The first thing that you should know about Invisalign Annapolis is when you should wear these braces. Unless otherwise told by your dentist, you should be wearing these braces all of the time outside of eating in order for them to work properly. The point of the braces is to straighten out your teeth and give you a nicer smile; this is not possible if you are rarely wearing the braces. If they are sore at first you can take them out for a couple of hours but they should spend the majority of the day in your mouth.

How to Clean and Store
It is important to brush your teeth every time you take the braces out and before putting them back in; otherwise you will be leaving food and sugars on your teeth and they that get trapped due to the Invisalign in Annapolis. You should also clean out the brace once or twice a day. You can clean them with hot water, soap, and a child’s toothbrush. Make sure that you store the braces in a case that your dentist provides you when not in use.

Attachments and Switching Braces
It is important to understand all of the attachments that come with your invisalign treatment in Annapolis. These attachments are inserted along with your Invisalign to help ensure that your teeth are forming the way that is desired and so it is important to understand the correct way to install them and that they will irritate your mouth until you get used to them. Your dentist will provide you with several Invisalign trays to use over the course of several months and it is important to understand when to switch out these trays for the best results.

Visiting Dentist
It is critical to the success of the Invisalign braces that you make your dental appointments every two months. Your dentist will use these appointments to check the progress of your teeth and determine if any changes are necessary to your dental plan. If any changes are necessary your dentist will make them at this appointment and you will be provided with new trays for the upcoming two months.

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