Learn About Sleep Care That Is Provided by Dental Professionals in Glenview

When most people think of dentistry, they think about having a healthy and attractive smile. They may think about treatments like having a cavity filled, getting their teeth whitened, or having their teeth cleaned. These are treatments a dentist can perform. What surprises some is that dentists also offer sleep dental care in Glenview.

Sleep dental care can involve helping a patient who is dealing with sleep apnea and snoring. Dentists are often trained to help diagnose these issues and treat them properly. Sleep dental care in Glenview may involve using oral appliance therapy to help an individual breathe easier while they are asleep at night. The dentist may work with a person’s primary care physician to decide on the best treatment for the patient.

Something else that a dentist can help with is issues with the jaw. Consider the example of bruxism. An individual cannot control the fact that they are grinding their teeth while asleep at night. Unfortunately, this can cause a variety of issues. It can cause a person to have jaw pain and headaches. It can damage their teeth and lead to a loss of enamel, cracked teeth, and a receding gum line. A dentist will work with their patient to address damage that has been done and then provide a night guard. The night guard will reduce future damage.

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