Laws Regarding Common Law Marriages in Colorado Springs, CO

by | Jan 15, 2014 | Attorneys

When thinking of marriage, most people picture elegant attire, beautiful decor and a formal ceremony taking place before the couple’s family and friends, which binds the two members of the couple in matrimony. As a nontraditional alternative, Common Law Marriages Colorado Springs CO arise from couples living their lives as if they were married without the official ceremony. Despite the lack of formality involved, this type of union holds the same standards as its customary counterpart.

When such a relationship ends, some may try to use the lack of formal vows to their advantage. They often claim there was no common law marriage and they hold no responsibilities to their former partner. Though there are no strict laws stating what makes up a common law marriage, there are definite regulations regarding the dissolution of a relationship of this nature; in fact, the laws are the same as those pertaining to the end of a traditional marriage.

In the state of Colorado, having lived together in the same household for any period of time, building a life together as a couple along the way, is considered a marriage regardless of whether or not a legal ceremony took place. Any property purchased together during that time must be divided fairly, and bank accounts used by both members of the couple must be resolved. As is typical with the end of any relationship, amicable solutions to these issues often can not be reached without the help of legal counsel.

Those involved in Common Law Marriages Colorado Springs CO can petition the court for spousal support if needed. Like a traditional marriage, the person seeking spousal support should speak with his or her attorney. The attorney will offer a rough estimate of how much support his client may be entitled to based on income and individual circumstances. Appropriate paperwork will be filed with the court, and the judge will make the final determination regarding how much, if any, spousal support will be awarded.

If any children were produced during the common law marriage, child custody, visitation and support arrangements will also need to be made. The laws regarding these issues are also the same as those present with a conventional marriage. A family law attorney can help reach a settlement that represents the best interest of the children. To set up a consultation regarding the dissolution of a common law marriage, visit the website of Royal A. Martin PC.

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