Lawn Maintenance In Wellington, Florida Eliminates Pests

by | Mar 27, 2018 | Pest Control

Nothing is worse than having a yard and landscaping destroyed by pests. Without proper Lawn Maintenance in Wellington Florida, a yard can easily turn from a lush and green oasis to a yellow and brown disaster. Eliminating insects that destroy the landscaping with regular maintenance by a pest control company will improve the health of the plants and grass surround a home or business.

Many bugs decide to make homes in the landscaping of a home or business and can easily destroy it in a short amount of time. Aphids, mealybugs, scales, grubs, whiteflies, caterpillars, and much more can quickly turn a green lawn yellow if pest control is not performed.


Whiteflies are small and can turn the top sides of leaves spotted or pale. These insects lay their eggs on the underside of leaves but can be easily detected by a trained law service company.


Various caterpillars love to chew on the leaves and have several predators. Unfortunately, the predators are not usually able to control the caterpillars, and a Lawn Maintenance in Wellington Florida must eliminate them.


Grubs are cream-colored worms that live in the ground and develop from beetles laying their eggs in the soil. Grubs will eat the roots of the grass and cause yellow or brown spots in a yard. Also, the area where grubs are located will become soft and mushy, allowing moles to move in and cause even further damage.

Moles feed on grubs and will further destroy a lawn. They create holes and dig tunnels under the yard as they hunt for the grubs.


Lawn Maintenance in Wellington Florida can eliminate nematodes in landscaping. These unsegmented roundworms are small and transparent and feed on the root system of plants. They will cause premature wilting, stunting of a plant, and premature leaf loss.

Above & Beyond Pest Control in Wellington Florida provides a variety of services that will eliminate insects in your landscaping and keep it looking great all year long. In addition to removing insects affecting a yard, they can also remove unwanted pests in a home. Don’t let your landscaping and home be invaded by unwanted pests when they can design a plan that tailored to your specific needs.

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