Last Minute Checklist Before The Knoxville Home Movers Arrive

There are a lot of great resources on the web, many from top moving and relocation companies, that are very helpful in planning and organizing a residential move. Using these resources is a simple way to keep your Knoxville home move on schedule and to ensure you are prepared for the moving date.

There are also some last minute checks or double checks to do before the home movers arrive. By doing these the morning or the day of the move, you can quickly make sure the home is safe to leave, an important consideration if it is to be left unoccupied for even a short period of time.

This last-minute check is also an efficient way to make sure things have not been forgotten or overlooked in the packing process. Sometimes, kids or adults forget and return an item to a closet or a cupboard, even if that room has already been packed up and boxed.

Day of the Move

The day of the move, and at least an hour or so before the home movers are scheduled to arrive, take a final walk-through of the residence. Open all cupboards and closets, and check all kitchen drawers and storage areas.

Other important things to check in the home are the fridge and the other appliances. Look in the dishwasher, washer, and dryer to make sure items have not been left behind. It is always a smart idea to unplug appliances and to correctly prepare the fridge and freezer according to the manufacturer’s recommendations if the power is going to be turned off.

Make sure to check the Knoxville home for running water, including outside faucets, hoses, and taps. It may be essential to turn off valves to outside fixtures or interior fixtures as well to prevent any risk of leaks or other problems.

By doing this quick check, you are prepared for the arrival of the home movers. It also allows you to focus on the move and gives you the peace of mind in knowing you have everything checked in and outside the house.

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