Knowing Whom to Turn to for a Duplicate Key

Whether you find yourself in an emergency, you’ve begun sharing your car with someone who doesn’t have a key, or perhaps you’d just feel more comfortable having another spare key around, finding a place to get duplicate keys in Topeka, KS can be as easy as locating a close-by hardware store, a locksmith, or a car dealership.

Duplicate keys are often quite easy to make, usually able to be made by those other than the original dealership and for a low fee. Finding a hardware store with the equipment for a traditional duplicate metal key isn’t very difficult. However, if you have a newer model of car, oftentimes you’re in possession of a transponder key. A transponder key has an electric chip embedded inside that responds to a radio signal sent out by the engine to start the car. Oftentimes, a hardware store is incapable of duplicating a key with this electronic chip and a visit to the dealership will be required.

If you have a key fob, a small radio transmitter than can lock and unlock your doors, as well as open your trunk and turn on and off the alarm, attached to your ignition key, it may be more difficult for you to a get duplicate key. If this is the case, you may need a dealership to replace your key, as many hardware stores do not have the ability to program the transponder key as well as the fob. However, most locksmiths will be trained in the programming of transponder and other electronic duplicate keys in Topeka, KS.

Oftentimes, hardware stores are unable to create a key from scratch and are better equipped when provided with the key to copy. If you’re in need of a new key from scratch, it’s important to look for someone who can create a duplicate key Topeka, KS without the original copy. If you’re in doubt about what type of key you’re in need of, a quick check in your vehicles owners’ manual can help you figure that out. Whether you’re in need of a copied key, a reprogramming of an electronic key or the creation of a new key from scratch, it’s important to do your research on just what you need and who is available to help you in your area.

When you find yourself in need of a duplicate key in Topeka, KS it is important to consider what type of key you need and as equally as paramount to choose the appropriate person or company to see for your duplicate key.



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