Knowing When to Consider Memory Care Communities in Naples, FL

When adult children suspect their mom or dad is developing dementia, this is a very distressing time. If this is the case, the family must find ways to cope with the increasing cognitive problems and personality changes. They also worry about the loved one’s safety. Once a definitive diagnosis has been made, it might be time to start considering family care services in Naples, FL.

When Memory Issues Become Serious

Increased forgetfulness and delays in the ability to recall certain details are part of the normal aging process for many individuals. Immediate relatives who live far away and aren’t with the parent in person frequently might feel alarmed at new memory issues that actually aren’t that serious. Everyone can watch for signs that something more troubling is occurring.

It’s commonly said that being unable to find house keys is OK, but being unable to find one’s home is a sign something is very wrong. Men and women who get lost in very familiar territory or even in their own neighborhood are experiencing significant cognitive problems. Eventually, they may benefit from moving to a community providing family care services in Naples, FL.

A Diagnostic Evaluation

When particularly troubling behaviors occur, someone should bring this person to a physician for evaluation. If a battery of mental ability tests indicates dementia, family members may want to begin considering assisted living. This might not be required right away, but someone must visit in person at least daily to make sure there are no safety issues.

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